About the Artist – Lori Pastor


lori pastor with catCreating is my passion! If I'm not making jewelry, I'm painting oils on canvas or acrylics on the back of glass (reverse painting). Most of my inspiration comes when visiting my garden or playing with my cats.

I enjoy searching for unusual semi-precious stones, unique Sterling silver chain, and am especially attracted to any findings or beads that are vintage. Most of the sterling silver chains are oxidized creating a matte or antique looking finish. I also enhance most beads with a technique called wire wrapping, which cradles the top of the bead with a nest-like cone.

When looking through my beads, chain, and findings, my mind starts working like I'm solving a puzzle. I look forward to putting all the pieces and parts together into something exceptional.

Lori Pastor, Cleveland, OH

Joyful Spirit

The art of Lori Pastor is an outgrowth of two decades of painting – combined with many more years of drawing upon the experiences that add joy to life. Lori knew early in her life that she needed to be an artist. She was side tracked however, by advice to be practical and find a more down-to-earth career path. This led her to physical therapy.

It wasn't until she returned to painting full time, that she discovered this career detour was a precious source of inspiration for her art. Of visiting the acutely or chronically ill, Lori states, "It taught me compassion, patience, and that life is not all black and white. That a beautiful soul can transcend desperate circumstances."

Today, Lori's work resonates with the spirit and courage she witnessed while working in physical therapy. "My mission in life," Lori says, "is to spread joy and open the hearts of others. My highest goal would be to give others an opportunity to capture the succulent nectar of life through one of my paintings."

While Lori's work is represented in fine galleries throughout Ohio, it is the individual stories that give her the most joy in her work. One of her paintings, a Garden of Forsythia, was purchased by a woman, as a gift to her mother who suffered from retina degeneration. The vibrant colors and bold images gave her an image she could embrace.

Vibrant Tranquility
A hallmark of Lori Pastor paintings is the exuberant, lush use of color. What is intriguing is that such a vibrant pallet generates a sense of well being for the viewer. Lori believes this balance comes from the way she paints. One of her favorite teachers, Margaret Arthur, told her to always have every color on her pallet as she approaches a canvas. That way you do not limit yourself.

"When I'm painting," Lori states, "I can let the memories and feelings for my subjects just flow to the canvas without thinking about the technical details, or worrying if something will work because I don't have a color at hand."

Flowers and Felines

This love of gardens was a gift from her father who encouraged her to turn her backyard into a huge perennial garden. Together, they worked two days just to prepare the dirt. "I think I was manifesting one of his dreams," Lori says. "We spent so many hours talking in the garden or wandering green houses seeking new flowers to plant." When he died, she added his ashes to their favorite place, their garden. "Every year I plant fifty to sixty sunflowers of all types to remind me of him. And, he is again with me in the garden."

This passion for gardens has led her to study gardens around the world during her travels to Holland, Turkey, Paris, Greece, Italy and Hawaii.

Another beloved subject for her paintings is her many cats. "I can not imagine being without cats," says Lori who has had one since she was two. "I love their independent spirit, their freedom to nap at any given moment, and their ability to find the simplest things intriguing."