Cracker Jack Jewelry – Bracelets
Cracker Jack History

A German immigrant named Frederick William Rueckheim invented Cracker Jack. It was first mass-produced and sold at the first Chicago Fair in 1893. Prizes were included in every box starting in 1912.

The Cracker Jack Brand is immortalized with the third line of the 1908 song ("Take Me Out to the Ball Game")! Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack. Some of the earliest Cracker Jack prizes were baseball cards because Cracker Jack was a favorite at the baseball games.

Charms were first made of metal and would continue to be metal until celluloid charms (modern plastic) mostly from Japan appeared in the 1930s. These wonderful celluloid charms are some of the most detailed and interesting charms ever made. Some of the charms are so delicately painted they were true miniature works of art.

Popular celluloid charm themes include animals of all kinds. Comic strip characters, Disney characters, and soldiers and sailors were also popular figures.

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