Vintage Buckle Bracelets
Vintage Shoe Buckle History

Shoe buckles were worn by men and women from the mid-17th century until after the French Revolution. Shoe buckles are fashion accessories made of a variety of materials including brass, steel, silver or silver gilt. Buckles for formal wear were set with diamonds, quartz or imitation jewels. Lori Pastor has brought these shoe buckles back to life using recycled cotton t-shirts to create a one of a kind wrap around bracelet. Each bracelet is hand sewn by the artist. Some are embellished with vintage buttons dating as far back as the 1800s and/or gem stones.

Lori Pastor also includes the use of vintage Bakelite (buckles and scarf slides) the first synthetic plastic invented in 1907 by a Belgian scientist. Bakelite jewelry became very popular during the great depression because people could afford this colorful jewelry. Due to the unique quality of Bakelite it is very much a collectible today.

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